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In addition to the creative application of drone technology, it can also be applied to more practical uses.  


A drone's ability to hover in place and orbit around an object, coupled with an on-board 4K camera with zoom-ability, helps you gather high quality, valuable data for various assets or projects, from vantage points never seen before.

Forget the cost of traditional helicopters. Small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), also known as drones, are paving the way for cost effective aerial data collection. Due to their portability and use of lithium-ion batteries instead of gasoline, drones are far more efficient and environmentally-friendly.  Since drones don't have to take off miles away or fly back miles to refuel, they can take off and land directly on site, where refueling is as simple as swapping out spent batteries for new ones --- getting your bird's eye view back into the air in no time.  As a result, drones can conduct up to five times more surveys or inspections than manned aircraft or ground crews.

Drones help reduce the risk of putting personnel unnecessarily in harms way.  Most infrastructure assets like wind turbines, cell towers, power lines, and bridges need human personnel to physically climb the structure each time for an inspection.  Due to that risk, inspections occur less frequently, and are sometimes far less accurate due to a person's fixed and limited view.  Drones have the ability to capture imagery more fluidly and precisely from various heights, angles, and perspectives ---  with personnel safely either on the ground, or back at an office computer, watching a live-stream of the inspection directly from the drone in real time.

Awesome one–day installation of a custom prefab home in Santa Cruz, CA by Blu Homes.




Sample cell tower inspection.




Carport rooftop solar panels seen here at Soquel High School's main lower parking lot.




The SS Palo Alto aka the "Cement Ship" located at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, CA, seen here after a series of rough winter storms in 2016, which tore the stern of the ship apart.




🚢 Finally Broke Free 🌊 
The stern of the SS Palo Alto (aka the Cement Ship) nearest the pier has now toppled over due to heavy storm activity, as of January 21, 2017.

🌧🚢 Stormy Seacliff 🌊 
Aerial video inspecting recent damage to the stern of the SS Palo Alto (aka the Cement Ship) nearest the pier which has now toppled over, as of January 21, 2017.

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