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Pro bono work

✨Keep CREATIVITY Alive, amidst COVID-19 😷
March 2020 – December 2021


Levy Media Works donated high quality pro bono media to various community outlets during the coronavirus pandemic, from March 2020 to December 2021.

DM @levymediaworks on Instagram or email me to see if your business qualifies.


This was meant to inspire and keep people's spirits high, and encourage positive mental health, while promoting the Governor's message of #StayHome.

The response from the community was overwhelming!

So far, the calla lily video below received 237K Views, 52K Likes, 245 Comments, 5.3K Shares in one week's time, and reached 867,647 people online.

Levy Media Works provided extensive pro bono media coverage of the community events surrounding the 'Princes of Surf' celebration, from June to November 2015.  The following text from the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH), describes the event:


"We are a city of surf; but the story behind the name doesn’t start with us. It begins with Three Hawaiian princes in 1885.

That summer, David Kawananakoa, Edward Keli’iahonui and Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole introduced surfing to the world beyond Hawaii. They rode Santa Cruz waves. Crafted surfboards from our redwood lumber. When the brothers returned to Hawaii, they took their boards with them.

This July is the 130th anniversary of their epic ride. Two of the three original redwood surf boards will return to Santa Cruz.

The impact of their stay rippled from coast to coast and shaped the cultural identity of Santa Cruz County. See the boards that rode on our waves. See the boards that set the course for developing our unique cultural identity."


Artifacts on loan from The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Hawaii.

Princes of Surf is made possible by the History Forum and Santa Cruz Surfing Club Preservation Society.

Levy Media Works provided pro bono media coverage for the community event celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Surfing Museum, in Santa Cruz, CA.


"The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum reaches a milestone this Memorial Day weekend as the shrine to surfing hits its 30th anniversary since opening in 1986. The City of Santa Cruz Parks Recreation and Santa Cruz Surfing Club Preservation Society and invite the community to join the celebration on Saturday, May 28th at 11:00 a.m. at 701 West Cliff Drive."


"The event will feature official ceremonies with Mayor Cynthia Mathews, Harry Mayo of the original Santa Cruz Surfing Club, other dignitaries and special guests. Surf music as well as a display of surfboards and classic woodies by the Santa Cruz Woodies will add to the festivities."

Levy Media Works photos can be seen on the MOBILE RANGER 2015 blog, “Ebb & Flow on the San Lorenzo"

Published Work

This image was published in Santa Cruz Vibes Magazine Summer 2023 Issue 1 in the Super Bloom article on pages 22-23.
Digital version here:






SC Vibes Mag Super Bloom #1.png
This image on the right was published in Santa Cruz Vibes Magazine Summer 2023 Issue 1 in the Super Bloom article on page 25.
Digital version here:






SC Vibes Mag Super Bloom #2.png
A profile of David Levy of Levy Media Works and his drone photography was featured in the article "Eyes in the Sky" written by Joel Hersch, in the Santa Cruz Waves Magazine June/July 2017 issue. Digital version here:
(See below pages: 54-63)






Levy Media Works' aerial photography was featured in the article "Is it Safe to Swim at Cowell's" written by Matthew Pera, in the
Santa Cruz Waves Magazine June/July 2017 issue.  Digital version here:
(See below pages: 46-47)






Levy Media Works' aerial photography was featured in the article "A Tribe on a Quest" written by Linda Koffman, in the
Santa Cruz Waves Magazine June/July 2017 issue.  Digital version here:
(See below page: 89)






Beta Testing

Levy Media Works was involved with Beta Testing for the SlingStudio Hub from Sling Media LLC to test drone integration and compatibility with SlingStudio, described below:


Executing a multiple camera shoot with the SlingStudio Hub gives you the freedom to wirelessly connect multiple video sources for recording, streaming, or live switching. The compact, lightweight enclosure houses all the recording, streaming, and wireless tasks, while the production can be live-switched from an iPad running the Console app.

Cameras can be connected to the SlingStudio Hub wirelessly or with an HDMI cable. Compatible mobile devices can connect directly over the Studio Hub's Wi-Fi connection, while standard video cameras can connect to separately available CameraLink Wi-Fi transmitters or directly via the Hub's HDMI connection. Up to ten sources can be connected simultaneously, and any combination of four live 1080p30 or 720p60 input sources can be switched, recorded, and streamed. If you only need two sources, resolutions up to 1080p60 can be used.

Not only can the SlingStudio Hub facilitate live streaming, it also offers a simple workflow for post-production. All media that is being input into the Hub can be recorded as industry-standard, high-quality H.264 ISO video files to either an SD card or a hard drive connected directly via USB-C or via USB 3.0 through the separately available USB-C Expander. In all, isolated (ISO) feeds of each input channel, the final switched output, line-in audio, and multiview of the isolated channels can be recorded simultaneously. An HDMI to Mini HDMI adapter cable is included for connecting the video output to a standard display, projector, or secondary recording or streaming hardware.

Several separately available accessories can enhance the abilities of the SlingStudio Hub. A battery allows the Hub to operate without mains power, great for impromptu field setups where access to power is limited. The USB-C Expander offers multiple USB connections for storage, and a wired Ethernet connection for wired streaming. Altogether, you can build an extremely versatile video production platform.


Available for purchase from B and H Photo:

Contest Winner

David Levy was @calparks December 2020 

photo contest Grand Prize Winner!

 I’m excited to announce that I am the winner of @calparks December 2020 photo contest with my shot 🌅Shine On🔥 of the SS Palo Alto. ⁣

The prize is a California Explorer Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass. This is literally the key 🔑 to unlocking access to the outdoors 🌊. Especially during these unprecedented times, nature is quintessential.⁣

I’m appreciative of how honest and fair the contest was. I tagged them in my original post, got featured, and organically got the most number of likes (votes). ⁣

Unlike contests where you have to pay to enter, or there are biased judges, or you have to beg your friends and followers to go vote for your image, I can safely say that wasn’t the case here. It was refreshingly great news! 🎉⁣

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