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Drone 📸Photo and 🎥Video

Promotional Videos  |  Commercials | AdvertisingAction Sports |  Short Films  |  Cinematic Shots  |  Television | Tourism

With over a decade of experience in action sports filmmaking, David Levy developed a keen sense of situational awareness in order to capture the action at the right moment and angle.

Real Estate

Commercial | Residential  |  Resorts |  Wineries | Small Businesses | Land |  Golf Courses  |  Parks

Perspective is everything when showcasing a property. Whether you're showing a place with special amenities, proximity to the beach, colleges, or well-know employers, aerial photography and cinematography produce compelling visuals. The ability to capture views of properties from above and at ground level enhances your message and adds high-level production value for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. 

Event Coverage | Live Broadcast

Events  |  Competitions  |  Weddings  |  Festivals | SportsGatherings  

Media coverage of public and private events has become a must. Enhance the production value of your event coverage with state of the art aerial imagery.  Levy Media Works will cover your event's key moments, with safety as our top priority.    

Stock Footage

Do you need stock footage for a commercial, documentary, or special project?  As a contributing Creative Videographer, Levy Media Works offers selected aerial video footage via Getty Images. Click on their logo below for more details:

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